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Market Advantage
There is no other similar product in the market,and the products can fill a gap that is lacking in the market.
Operational advantages
Through the message-sending system, event information can be sent to customers to assist the promotion and operation of the arcade.
Service advantage
The only service commitment in the industry: free door-to-door service nationwide.
Technical advantages
Flamestone is an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. It has independent and mature technology and has obtained an intellectual property certificate issued by the state.
——Aim at entertainment competitive equipment. Convey entertainment positive culture。

     Guangzhou HuoShi Chuan Yu Technology Co., Ltd., the brand abbreviation is "Flame Stone". Founded in 2007, it is a company focused on providing customers with competitive entertainment game machines. It integrates R&D, production, sales and service, and is one of the first comprehensive technology enterprises in the country to get involved in competitive entertainment equipment.
In the process of development and growth, "Flame Stone" has invested huge sums of money to develop recreational competitive sports treadmills, competitive full-motion bicycles, interactive vent machines for punching, “Top Gun”and other competitive entertainment items that have received high praise from the market. 
"Flame Stone" will continue to be committed to upgrading the competitive entertainment equipment industry, providing customers of different ages with richer products, allowing customers to naturally experience the fun of competition and joy in entertainment games!
In the future, "Flame Stone" will expand and lead the competitive entertainment industry with unique and creative game machines, bringing more profound value to the industry!

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